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These people had a story to tell. If you or a friend have a life story you would like recorded by Story Master Audio give me a call.


Joseph contracted polio just after he was married and was told he would never walk again. He was instructed to lie in bed and not move. He didn't listen and dragged himself around the bed at night to exercise his legs and as a result of his determination he walked again unaided.

An Artist

Ella was an artist, a writer and an award winning participant in Eisteddfods for Elocution in Wagga and Melbourne. One of her favourite poems was ' When the chestnut horse came home'. She was a terrible cook. Mind you there was limited food in the depression.

The local fire captain

In WWII eighteen year old John had the job of walking the Japanese prisoners of war back to their ship, where they headed for home after the war. He was a farmer, a butcher, a fire captain and a scout master. He loved to play golf on Sundays.

A shearer's cook

Stan was a shearer's cook and travelled all around the Riverina with the shearers and for that reason was not home often. Stan made amazing scones according to his grandchildren. At 80 years of age he still rode his bike to the TAB to place his bets. No-one ever knew if he won or lost.

Precious items of interest or those objects in your home or on your farm that make you think,

what is that used for? Or that reminds me of Nan or Pop!


If you are not a chosen one to inherit family medals, the replicas are an option for your children to learn about their significance. Replica medal bought from Christies in Sydney.


Antique tricycle made of wood and metal with a tray to assist in construction projects. This bike was shared by family members for many years.

Shearers Recipe book

Recipe book used by a shearers cook travelling around the Riverina. Published in Sydney in 1937. Simple clean eating recipes e.g. baked bananas and jam.

Bag Hook

Wheat bag hook held in a fist clench by a farm worker. Used to dig into wheat bags to assist with the movement of bags to transport them to sheds, trucks or stables.