About Story Master Audio

Hi, I'm Kathy thanks for visiting Story Master Audio.

Stories are often told in the media of people who have reached great heights in their given profession and had amazing adventures around the world. In country towns we don’t often get the opportunity to tell our stories. How our business started, early settlement in the area, education in a bush school and hardships you couldn’t even make up. Some of the most resilient people in the world are the average people in communities like yours.

I would like to give those people an opportunity to be heard. These people may be your Mum, Dad, Gran, Pop, Uncle, Aunt or friend. They may elect only to be heard by their family or close friends and prefer not to share their story with the wider community. Others may like to share their story. It is all up to you. You are the 'Master of Your Story'.

Stories that are lost in families are gone forever. In the busy lives we lead it is difficult to get the time to record the lives of those close to us. Story Master Audio will do it for you. Somewhere quiet we can have a chat, your welcome at my place.

Don’t take your stories with you. Your children and grandchildren will love them. Maybe not when they are teenagers but when they have their own children. It will give them a sense of belonging and an understanding of their heritage.

As a 20 year old I interviewed farmers to find out the latest on environmental issues. Writing newspaper and magazine articles cemented my love for audio and stories. Listening to those old cassettes still makes me smile as sometimes we got off the topic.

If you live in the Riverina and would like to record the story of your life, your family life, your town history, your business history or your current business or tourism ideas, contact me. Stories are a gift to your friends, family and community or just for you.

Why record stories

There are many reasons to record stories. Stories encourage people to talk about the past which improves understanding between generations. See below for a dozen more reasons why we record stories.

                                 A dozen more reaons why we record stories


Stories are different for every person



Thinking about the lives of others



Oral history shows changes in language and word usage



Richer knowledge of our community and those who live in it



You can be the story teller, telling the story the way you want it told



Time – make the time to listen to someone’s story



Encourage/educate/entertain others through stories



Lost memories are irretrievable



Laughter through stories is healthy



Improve the art of conversation



Names, stories and faces in your community are put together



Getting to know peoples stories builds resilience in communities